Internal Pelvis Release - Nov 6, 2017, Sedona, AZ

Internal Pelvis Release

This fascinating seminar will introduce you to internal fascial release treatment for women, as well as support therapists connecting with the interior essence of their own pelvis.

This can be taken on it’s own as an introduction to this powerful form of bodywork and is also important to take after the Pelvic Floor Exposed seminar if you are wanting further MFR training internally or want some further MFR work done on yourself and practice with others. We will cover techniques that we do not have time for in the PFE seminar, particularly C-section & episiotomy scar releases.

When: Mon Apr 23, 2018 Hours 9-4

6 CEU Hours


Located at:

Sedona, TBD


  • Item #: IPR-2018-4- Sedona

Internal Pelvis Release - Apr 23, 2018, Sedona, AZ

Price: $250.00
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