Fascial Connections - Denver, CO - Nov 11-12, 2017

Myofascial Release: Fascial Connections  

This is considered to be the missing link in your MFR education!!

For both beginner & advanced therapists, (yes, even those who have been doing MFR for 20 yrs + as SO much enhancement occurs).


  • Feb 22-23, 2019


  • Friday 9-6 
  • Saturday 9-5 
  • 15 Continuing Education hours

Located at:

Carondolet Center

1890 Randolph Ave

St. Paul, MN

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In this seminar participants will learn to evaluate postural alignment and tissue texture from a myofascial perspective, find and connect with fascial restrictions, feel barriers and apply proper pressure to achieve tissue release. The focus is directed both at learning the technique of MFR and also on how to apply this technique for maximum effectiveness.

Advanced treatment techniques are taught with focus on the rotational component and Fascial Energy Activation techniques.  These are powerful techniques which Lori created that aids in releasing stubborn restrictions and encourages the patient to engage in treatment.  This class truly makes it easier on the therapist’s body while enhancing effectiveness.  We go deep into the wisdom in YOUR body so that you receive meaningful treatment yourself while learning.  We have some fun doing it too.

  • Item #: FC ST Paul Feb 2019

Fascial Connections - St Paul, MN - Feb 22 & 23, 2019

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