The Journey Within (Audio Download)

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Discovering the Wisdom within your own body.

Body Awareness Guided Meditation


Free Your Pain - Live Your Life!

Science has now proven that our body holds memory and intelligence .

We all know there is value in listening to the Wisdom that lies within us. 

But how do we access that?

Our body is one of the most important toold for guidance in this life on Earth.

By participating again and again with this CD, Lori masterfully guides yo uinward to discover the messages within your body which are ready to emerge.


Audio Tracks in Download File

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: Intuitive Contract/Relax Exercises w/ Unwinding to awaken your body

Part Three: The Journey Within (full version)

Part Four: Mini version of parts two and three for when you have less time.



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The Journey Within (Audio Download)

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