The Sedona Series - Sedona, AZ - July 13-19, 2019

Myofascial Mastery Academy

Presents the NEXT DIMENSION in your Myofascial Release Training


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This is the Missing Link in your Myofascial Education

This NEXT DIMENSION training retreat is a combination of 3 of my original seminars all together in 1 week at a special package price:

Fascial Connections, Myofascial Dialoguing & Balancing the Pelvis  

AND with additional bonus events for more of a retreat experience to help you reach your greatest potential; such as Morning Hikes & Yoga on the Land - MBRT Fitness Yoga & Fascial Yoga, Finding your Power Spot, Group Unwindings, Monsoon Masterpiece Meditations, Bonfires and more

Mon is a day off with the option of participating in my signature Release on the Rocks Experience for an opportunity to RORE!                       (Only $95, reg $195).  Or enjoy the many wonders of Sedona on your own.  


 Sept 26 - Oct 1, 2020

Sept 26 & 27 = Fascial Connections 

Sept 28 & 29 = Myofascial Dialoguing 

Sept 30 & Oct 1 = Balancing the Pelvis

Join for all of above for 50 CEUs

Seminar hours will be 11- 8 to enjoy the sunny mornings and be in seminar during the cleansing monsoon rains


Sedona School of Massage

2945 Southwest Drive (West Sedona 1 street behind Crystal Magic)

Sedona, AZ 86336


Bring a friend Special

Bring a Friend for 1/2 Price!

With a Fully Paid Registration a friend can join you for only 1/2 price & you can split the difference. 

How it works:

Someone must register for the full price.

A second person can register and select the 1/2 price payment option & you can settle up the difference between you.

They also will need to enter the name of the person that paid the Full Price for Registration. Just click the square checkbox to open up the text box to enter their name.

All names will be cross checked and validated to ensure eligibility after order has been placed.



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The Sedona Series - Sedona, AZ - Sept 26 - Oct 1, 2020

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